WeChat applet Click on the top navigation bar to switch the style code example

This article mainly introduces the WeChat applet to click on the top navigation bar to switch the style code code. In the text, the presentation of the sample code is very detailed. For everyone’s learning or work, there must be a certain reference value, and the friends need can refer to


  {{         .helpdislist .content {Position: relative; Width: 710rpx; border-radius: 5rpx;}. Active {// When you click, add this style / * border-bottom: 4RPX Solid RGB (252, 186, 7); * / color: RGB (252, 186, 7);}   
Page ({data: {helpcatelist: [// data from the background request back to assign the value // {ID: “1”, DESC: “Rehabilitation Medical”}, // {ID: “2”, DESC: “Education”}, // {ID: “3”, DESC: “Employment”}, // {ID: ” 4 “, DESC:” Poverty Alleviation “}, // {ID:” 5 “, DESC:” Vocational Training “}, // {ID:” 6 “, DESC:” Social Security “}, // {ID:” 7 “, DESC:” Cultural Life “},], CurrenttaB: 1,}, Catechange (E) {Console.log (e) let this That That.SetData ({CURRENTTAB: E.CURRENTTARGET.DATASET.ITEMSID, // This must})}
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