JQuery plugin FusionCharts Draw 2D two-fold line diagram effect example [with Demo Source]

This example describes the JQuery plug-in FusionCharts to draw 2D two-fold line diagram effect. Share to everyone for reference, specifically:

(1) Designing a two-fold line diagram according to the characteristics and commonality of the two-fold line diagram;

(2) Setting the data source XML format

2, the design step

(1) Write the graph type and data source introduced by the two-fold line Path

VAR DouBeline = New FusionCharts (“FusionCharts / Msline.swf”, “DoublelineID”, “100%”, “540”, “0”); DoubleLine. SetXmlurl (“Doubleline.xml”); DoubleLine.Render (“DoubleLineChart”);
 (2) Set data source Doubleline.xml of a two-fold line diagram:   

                    (3) Introducing a two-fold line diagram         3, the operation results are as follows:     
4, source code

FusionCharts 2D Double-fold line diagram
$ (Function () {var Doubleline = New FusionCharts (“FusionCharts / Msline.swf”, “DoubleLineID”, “100%”, “540”, “0”); DoubleLine.SetXmlurl (“Doubleline.xml”); Doubleline.render (“DoubleLineChart”);});


Complete instance code Click here

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  Note:   The source code needs to be placed in the server environment! Otherwise, XML file data cannot be loaded.     More about jQuery related content, readers, interested, can view this station: "jQuery common plug-in and usage summary", "jQuery AJAX Usage Summary", "jQuery form (Table) operation skills Summary, "jQuery extension skill summary", "jQuery common classic special effects summary" and "jQuery selector usage summary"   I hope this article will help you jQuery program design.                     
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