JS traversal JSON array and get JSON array length operation example [Test available]

The instance of this article describes the JS traversal JSON array and acquires the JSON array length operation. Share to everyone for reference, specifically:

  VAR Questions = data.data.questionNaire. Questions; // Traverse the JSON array for (VAR I in Questions) {if (Questions [I] .Type == ') {Alert (' Danxuan ');}}  

Get JSON array length:

Function getjsonLength (json) {var jsonLength = 0; for (Var i in json ) {JSONLENLENGTH;}
  Comprehensive test example:  

/ / Simple JSON arrays: var jsondemo = {“name”: “\ u811a \ u672c \ u4e4b \ u5bb6”, “addtime”: “2018-12-12”, “username”: “JB51”, “ID”: 5} // Traverse the JSON array: for (var i in jsondemo) {console.log (jsondemo [i]);} // Get JSON array length: function getjsonLength (json) {var jsonLength = 0;for (var i in json) {jsonLength ++;} return jsonLength;} console.log ( ‘array length:’ + getJsonLength (jsonDemo))

 Use  Online HTML / CSS / JavaScript code running tool : http: //tools.jb51.net/code/HtmlJsRun test code above obtained results are as follows: 

PS: here again recommend several related json online tools for your reference:


online JSON code is test, test, landscaping, formatting tools:


format online tools:

http: //tools.jb51. net / code / jsonformat

online XML / JSON interchangeable tools:

Code format online / beautification / compression / editing / conversion tools:


online json compression / escape tool:

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