JavaScript achieves all-in-one cancel effect

Example of this article shared the specific code of JS to achieve all the qualified cancellation effects, for your reference, the specific content is as follows

      Title   .hide {Display: none;} .c1 {position: fixed; Left: 0; Top: 0; Bottom: 0; Right: 0; Background-Color: Black; Opacity: 0.6; z-index: 9;} .c2 {width: 500px; Height: 400px; Background-Color: White; Position: fixed; Left: 50%; TOP: 50%; Margin-left: -250px; margin -top: -300px; z-Index: 10;}     
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Function ShowModel () {document.getlementById ("I1"). ClassList.Remove ("hide"); document.getlementById ("i2"). Classlist. Remove ("hide");} function hidemodel () {document.GtelementByid ("i1"). Classlist.add ("hide"); documentlist.add ("hide");}); Function cho3All () {var tbody = document.getlementByid ("tb"); var tb_list = tbody.children; for (var i = 0; i

Click the full selection reverse elimination cancellation is the effect:

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