JavaScript array Based on the exchanging example [bubble sort]

The instance of this paper tells the JavaScript array based on the order of exchange. Share to everyone for your reference, specifically: JS bubble sorting   VAR Array1 = New Array (13, 55, 37, 45, 9, 60, 21, 10); Document.write ("No exchange" + array1 + "" ); var temp; for (a in array1) {for (b in array1) {IF (Array1 [A]     
<array1[b]){ temp=array1[a]; array1[a]=array1[b]; array1[b]=temp; } } } document.write("交换之后的 "+array1); use
Online HTML / CSS / JavaScript code running tool:, test run results:

PS: Here you recommend a demo tool for sorting for your reference:


Online Animation Demo Insert / Selection / Bubbing / Return / Hill / Rad Sort Algorithm Process Tools:

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