How to learn PHP a beginner

Learning is a drum, and the procedure is also the same. Learning PHP or the foundation begins, with more practices, you can search some PHP tutorials online, follow the tutorial to knock code. You can also find some information! Anything is actually not simple, even the snakes of the snack are not made.

Looking for some PHP tutorials will not make your curriculum monotonous

1. Familiar with web page basic elements such as HTML / CSS / JS, complete the stage to make intact web pages, element properties Understanding the degree of familiarity

2. Understand the concept of dynamic language, performing mechanisms, familiar with PHP syntax

3. Learn how to combine PHP with HTML to complete simple dynamic page

4. Contact MySQL, start designing database programs

5. Constantly consolidating, touching a large number of PHP common functions, and understands OOP

, MySQL optimization, and template

6. Complete a function Complete dynamic site, my line may be unable to do with many people who learn PHP,

This is also a step-by-step learning process, but novices don’t see the above summary, think that it is very simple. Silently, I have to splash the cold water,

Completing these six parts is substantially similar to

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