JS Failure Tips HTML1114: (Unicode byte order marker) code page UTF-8 Conflicts of conflicts of Meta Tags UTF-8

The analysis found that this is because the HTML and JS coding are uniformly caused by the pages. The general situation is best to unify the standard UTF8

Internet find, the wood has a related solution, the sure yourself Try trial.

       Code format in the second JS referenced in the referenced, CHARSET = "UTF-8" This sentence is going, just fine.   Look at the error prompt, is it specified in the Meta tag, which is not re-established in the Meta mark, and the following JS or CSS reference cannot be regulated? Even if the same coding is not?  
The specific reason is not clear, and this record is recorded.
TUMI Yun Xiaobian Supplement:

In many cases, the HTML page uses GB2312, but the JS inside the editor is UTF8, which generally does not affect Chinese, everyone can Need to modify it.

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