Vue Mint-UI Tabbar variable components

 Home    Integral Mall          Export Default {data () {Return {// Select Tabbar Value Message for Outside Page The value of the value selected message: this.selected, // Use the ICON icon here for the image, so you need to add the introduction of the image change. If you use Ali Ib, you don't have to add Atabs: this.tabs,}}, props: {selected : String, Tabs: Array,}, Watch: {Message: Function (VAL, OLDVAL) {// Here you can change to the value of the VAL to determine the goal (VAL) {CASE 'mainPage': this. $ Router.push ('/ mainpage'); Break; Case 'ShoppingList': this. $ router.push ('/ shoppinglist'); Break; Case 'Grouplist': this. $ router.push ('/ grouplist'); Break; Case 'UserCenter': this. $ router.push ('/ userCenter'); Break;}}},}       Introducing component   

Import TabBar from ‘../../components/tabbar ‘Export Default {Components: {Return {SELECTED: “ShoppingList”, Tabs: [Require (“./../ asseserts / images / icon / zhuye.png”, Require (“. ./../iSsets/Images/ICON/ICON42-1.png “), Require (” ../../ asseserts / images / icon / weuquan1.png “), Require (” ../../ askSTS /}} /}


     MINT-UI - TabBar example 


In need:

Import {Tabbar, TabItem} from ‘mint-ui’; Vue.component (Tabbar.Name, Tabbar); Vue.component (TabItem. Name, TabItem);

Global import: No imports after global import

ImportmintFrom’mint-UI ‘ Import’mint-ui / lib / style.css’vue.use (mint);
It is the use of the Vue Mint-UI Tabbar changing components that Xiaobian introduced. I hope that everyone will help. If you have any questions, please leave a message, Xiaobian will reply to everyone in time. Thank you very much for your support of Tumi Cloud Website!
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