Method for creating a TypeScript project using Vue CLI

Use the latest Vue CLI @ Vue / CLI to create the TypeScript project, use Vue -V to view the current Vue CLI version

Installation command

Create item

Vue Create My-Vue -typescript
Up and down key selection, the space bar is determined

使用Vue CLI创建typescript项目的方法

Next is some general option

使用Vue CLI创建typescript项目的方法

The following is the case if you want to record this configuration so that we choose Y

使用Vue CLI创建typescript项目的方法

When it is determined, it will generate a just selected configuration record in

C: \ Users \ Administrator \ .Vuerc 使用Vue CLI创建typescript项目的方法

{ “UsetAobaoregistry”: true, “presets”: {“useconfigfiles”: true, “plugins”: {“@ Vue / cli-plugin-babel”: {}, “@ Vue / CLI -plugin-typescript “: {” ClassComponent “: True,” Tslint “: True,” Linton “: [” Save “],” USETSWITHBABEL “: True}}, “router”: true, “routerhistorymode”: true, “vuex”: true}}

  and then enter the creating item, but here is A mistake, it is probably a problem with the source.  
Error Command Failed: Yarn –Registry = https: // – DistURL = https: //

So the reason is that the default source configuration is caused by the creation, and the Vue CLI installation error problem is solved
So, the useAobaoreGistry attribute value under the .vueerc that has just been generated is False can be

{“UsetAobaoregistry”: false, …}使用Vue CLI创建typescript项目的方法

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