WeChat applet keyword color change implementation code instance

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1. Rendering IndexOf is not supported in the applet, we can achieve

  Function Fn (Arr, Arg) {var result = {indexof: False, toString: ''} Result.indexOf = arr.indexof (arg)> -1; result.tostring = arr.join (","); return result;} module.exports.fn = fn;  


Introduced our wxs, module can be defined by themselves, and

3.Index can be used in the template rendering below. .js

const app = getApp () Page ({data: {keywords: [‘I’, ‘love’, ‘you’, ckey: [‘I ‘,’ love ‘]}, onLoad: function () {console.log (‘ snippet is a mini, or applet can share game items can be used to share the experience in the development of games and applets, display assembly And the use of the API, reproduction development issues and bugs. Click the following link to view the detailed documentation of the code snippet: ‘)Console.log (‘https://mp.weixin.qq.com/debug/wxadoc /dev/devtools/devtools.html’)},})
Apparatus code block link: https://developers.weixin.qq.com/s/vmdbhxma7aca


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