ELEMENT-UI Component NavMenu Navigation Menu Specific Use

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Basic Usage

 Treatment center    My workbench    Option 2    Option 4   Option 1   Option 2    Message Center    Order Management              

Navigation 1

   Option 1       option 3     Option 4   Option 1        Navigation 2    Navigation three     Navigation four             Expand   Collapse      Navigation 

Packet 1

Option 1
 Option 2   Option 3   Option 4   Option 1           Navigation three       Navigation four         parameter   Type     Optional value   Default value        String   Horizontal / Vertical   Vertical    Collapse 
Whether a horizontal folding collapse menu (only available when Mode is Vertical)


False Background-Color Menu background color (only supports HEX format) String – Text-Color menu text color (HEX format only) String – String – – The trigger mode opens (only when Mode is Horizontal) Router Whether to use the Vue-Router mode, enabling this mode when activating the navigation, running as a routing as Path as Path Boolean – Event name parameter Open Expanded Sub-Menu INDEX: Required Sub-Menu INDEX Close Collapse Sub-Menu INDEX: Required Sub-Menu INDEX MENU Events: Event Name Tune parameter
Active-Text-Color The text color of the current activation menu (only supports HEX format)
String Hover
Menu MethODS:


Menu activation callback INDEX: Select the INDEX PATH Open Sub-menu expanded callback Close Sub-menu collapsed callback INDEX: Collapse Sub-Menu INDEX, IndexPath: Collapse Sub-Menu INDEX SubMenu Attribute: Description
INDEX: Opened Sub-Menu INDEX, IndexPath: Opened Sub-Menu’s INDEX PATH

MODE unique sign – MODE Customized class name of the pop-up menu MODE – MODE Collapse SUB-MENUDelay – MODE
[ 143] –
Expand the latency of SUB-MENU Number

whether or not

Optional value Default value – ROUTE [1 Parameter Description type Title packet title String
Menu-item Attribute: Type
Disabled Whether it is disabled Boolean

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