Example code using the iframe element in the VUE component

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Requires hyperlink in the VUE component in this page, the address bar does not change Method:

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However, HTML5 has a new Dialog element for dialog.

Get iframe content:

VAR iframe = document.getlementByid (“iframe1”); Var Iwindow = iframe.contentWindow; var idoc = iWindow.document; console.log (“Window”, iWindow); // Gets the IFRAME’s Window Object Console.log (“Document”, IDoc); // Get iframe’s Document Console.log (“HTML”, idoc.documentelement; // Gets the IFRAME HTML Console.log (“Head”, Idoc.Head); // Get Head Console.log (“Body”, IDOC.Body); // Get body

ie 1 removes the scroll bar, 2 set a wide high

VAR iWindow = iframe.contentWindow; var idoc = iWindow.Document; iframe.Height = idoc.body.offsetHeight;

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The code is as follows:

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