JS Reverse Implementation Sliding Verification Code Picture Restore Sample Code

This article lists two examples: Sliding verification of an icon and anode


Undened image:



Js逆向实现滑动验证码图片还原的示例代码 The picture requested from the server is chaos, it is complete when it looks at the user. This process is definitely running a piece of JS code and restores the chaos. So we need to find this JS, then restore its code logic, implement the restore operation of the picture, find the gap distance, and implement the sliding operation.

If you look closely, you will find that it is a reduction map. It is CANVAS generated

Js逆向实现滑动验证码图片还原的示例代码 Then you will think that the JS Generate Canvas, then use some of the following methods to implement the restore operation of the image, so we need to know that he generates Canvas, find the location, then slowly debug, find the restore code.

At this time, we need to use an oil monkey plug-in to do HOOK. If you don’t understand the alley, you can learn, you can learn, this is very useful, the code is as follows:

/ / == UserScript == // @name hook createElement @namespace http://tampermonkey.net/// @version 0.1 @Description Try to take over the world! @Author Zhu Yu @match *: /// * / * // @Grant none // == / userscript == (Function () {‘use STrict ‘; // Your Code Here … let _createElement = document.createElement.bind (document); document.createElement = function (ELM) {Console.log (“CreateElement:”, ELM); if (ELM === “canvas”) {// debugger;} return_createElement (ELM);}}) ();
  We now look at the effect, refresh the page:  
Then we can quickly locate the location of CANVAS,


The following is slowly analyzing the code, specifically There is not much to say


This example is mainly to the oil monkey plug-in (hook) Use it.


Js逆向实现滑动验证码图片还原的示例代码 The same verification code picture restore is also generated using Canvas, if using the above way, there is no effect

Js逆向实现滑动验证码图片还原的示例代码 But through the Search keyword


or you can find some of the greasy.


Ok, two examplesThat’s it, the specific restore code, interested you to do it.

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