Differences of E.Target and E.CurrentTarget in WeChat applet event object

When a small program’s event callback trigger, an event object is received, and the parameter of the event object contains a Target and CurrentTarget attribute, and then tell the difference between the two.

WXML section:

Parent component
# TAR-Father {Width: 300rpx; Height: 300rpx; Background-Color: SkyBlue;} #} #}

JS section:

Click: function (event) {console.log (event.target) Console.log (event.currenttarget)}


When clicked on the output of the pink sub-assembly area:

Event.target is a sub-assembly, That is to trigger the source component
 Event.currentTarget is a component   that is bound to the event 
when clicking the output of the blue parent component area in the picture:

Event.target is a parent component because the source of trigger is alsoIt is the parent component itself

微信小程序事件对象中e.target和e.currentTarget的区别详解 Event.currentTarget Summary for the component

bonded to the event: Target corresponds to the source components of the trigger event, which may be a sub-component, It is possible to be a parent component, mainly to see an area where the action is performed. The CurrentTarget always corresponds to the components bound to the event.

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