Office2003 / 2007/2010 version reduces macro security setting method

If in the internal environment of the company, because various systems require the requirements of the Office environment, it is necessary to improve the system access efficiency by reducing the OFFICE macro security. can be referred to .

The settings required for Office2003 are as follows:

1, open Office2003, select “Tool”, open “Options”.

2, at the option interface, click the Security option. office2003/2007/2010版本降低宏安全设置方法

3, in the Security Level option, the set level is “in”. Click “OK” to save your changes.

4, in the Reliable Publisher option, check the two options at the bottom. Click “OK” to save the modification.


The settings required for Offic2007 / 2010 are as follows:

1. Open Office files, click “Office Buttons”, select “Word Options”. office2003/2007/2010版本降低宏安全设置方法

2, select “Trust Center”, click “Trust Center Configuration”.

3, in “Macro Set”, “Macro Set” Select “Enable Macro” in “Developer Macro Set” “Trust Access to VBA Work Object Model”. Finally, “Determine” saves the modification.


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