WeChat applet implementation linkage selector

The example of this article shared the specific code of the WeChat applet to implement the linkage selector, for the reference, the specific content is as follows


bounce from the bottom The scroll selector, now supports the five selectors, distinguishes between MODE, which is the ordinary selector, multiple column selectors, time selectors, date selectors, provincial and urban selectors, and default is the ordinary selector.


1, ordinary selector mode = selector (default)

      Current selection: {{array [index]}}     
2, Time Selector: Mode = TIME

Time Selector
  Current time : {{TIME}}     3, Date Selector: Mode = Date     

Current date: {Data}}
      4, Provincial and urban selectors: mode = region    City selector  
Current city: {{region [0 ]}}, {{region [1]}}, {{Region [2]}}

A simple small case, multiple selectors, I hope to help you .
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