Vue.js discovery without performing a solution using V-IF V-Else

Using V-IF V-else found no execution

Recently learned Vue, because I first learned, I always encountered such problems, today I want to say When the error is to see the official documentation of Vue, it is found that the corresponding content appears when using the V-IF and V-ELSE instructions,

initial code:

  0.5 ">" Math.random> 0.5 "
" Math.random
<= 0.5 "
shows the result:
“Math.random> 0.5” “Math.random

Later, I found that this is forgotten. Creating an instance, each VUE application should be created, so the modified code is as follows:
  <= 0.5 " 
 0.5 ">" Math.random> 0.5 "
” Math.random

New Vue ({EL: “#test”})

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