Slider view container (Swiper) detailed explanation and instance code

The slider view of WeChat applet

Realguing Figure:

微信小程序 开发之滑块视图容器(swiper)详解及实例代码

It is very simple to see, see how the code is written:

          This is the layout, look at JS inside code:  

Page ({data: { imgUrls: [ ‘’, ‘’, ‘http: // img06. ‘], Indcatordots: true, autoplay: True, Interval: 5000, Duration: 500},

 , Swiper has the following Some common attributes:  
The two properties of the marker temporarily regardless of.


: Only the components can be placed. Otherwise, undefined behavior will be caused.

微信小程序 开发之滑块视图容器(swiper)详解及实例代码 Swiper-item

only placedIn the component, the ash is automatically set to 100%.

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