Simple and easy to understand weather plugin (code sharing)


The code is as follows:

  Weather    .XC {Width: 200PX; Margin: 0 auto;}      (Function (T, H, I, N, K, P, A, G, E) {g = function () {p = h.createElement (i); a = h .GETELEMENTSBYTAGNAME (I) [0]; p.SRC = K; p.Charset = "UTF-8"; p.Assync = 1; A.ParentNode.Insertbefore (p, a)}; t ["thinkpageWeatherWidgetObject"] = n; t [n] || (t [n] = function () {(t [n] .q = t [n] .q || []). push (arguments)}); t [n]. L = + new Date (); if (t.attachevent) {T.attachevent ("OnLoad", g)} else {T.AddeventListener ("LOAD", G, FALSE)}} (Window, Document, "Script" , "TPWidget", "//"))  TPWidget ("init", {"flavor": "slim", "location": "wx4fbxxfke4f", "geology": "disabled", "Language": "en-chs", "Unit": "c "," theme ":" chameleon "," tp-weather-widget "," bubble ":" enabled "," AlarmType ":" Badge "," Color ":" # f47837 "," uid " : "U605DCADA4", "HASH": "78F46A1198D54DAFA0CDA717EFA717A9"}); TPWidget ("Show");  
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