WeChat applet uses the Scroll-View tab to automatically slide instance code to the bottom function

The specific code is as follows:

// 1.scroll-y = “true” Y-axis scrolling // 2. It should be set high to / 3. Using the scroll-top property to implement scrolling to the bottom, Scroll-TOP does not bring unit
   {{item.text}}    PAGE ({ Data: {// List RecordList: '', Height: ', Scrolltop: 0}, online: function (options) {// Get the high value of the current window VAR Height = wx.getsysteminfosync (). Windowheight; // below It is an HTTP request app.httpservice.getreturnvisitRecordList (option) .Then (res. {// RES) .Then (res. {/// RES) {var langth = Res. Data.Data.Length That.SetData ({// Assign the obtained list to RecordList 'Recordlist': res. Data.Data, // 1. Calculate the tip of each Item on each Item on the page. The length of the acquired list * The height of each ITEM tag (400 is my visual measure, it is written, anyway, definitely higher than each Item, as long as it is high enough.) 'Scrolltop': Length * 400})}}}})  </view

The above is the instance code that is automatically sliding to the bottom function using the Scroll-View tag, I hope that if you have any questions, please leave a message if you have any questions. Reply to everyone in time. Thank you very much for your support of Tumi Cloud Website!

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