WeChat applet implementation

Example of this article shared the specific code of the WeChat applet to achieve the red envelope for your reference, the specific content is as follows

This function is still in the internal test and cannot be applied. This blog post only example.

Process Requirements:

Picture 1 Trigger wx.sendbizredPacket ({}) Lift Picture 2, click Open, Picture 3, Close Figure 4 after closing the image 4.

微信小程序实现发红包功能 WX.SendbizRedPacket ({}) Description and Example:

wx.sendbizredPacket ({TimeStamp: E. timeStamp, nonceStr: e.nonceStr, package: e.package, signType: e.signType, paySign: e.paySign, success: function let url = config.HTTP_Prize_URL (res) {console.log ( ‘red success’) +’ /V1/sign_tmp/sendsuccess.do ‘; let data = {minipid: That.data.minipid, Date: That.data.date} console.log (‘ red envelope successfully interface request parameter data: ‘+ json.stringify (data )) Util.Request (URL, ‘POST’, DATA, ‘Loading Data’, Function (RES) {Console.log (‘Red Packet Successfully Afterwards:’ + Json.Stringify (Res.Data))}) wx.relaunch ({URL: ‘../my_prize/my_prize_2?reward=’ + res. ody.body.reward,})}}}} {Console.log (‘red envelope fail’)}, completion: function (res) {Console.log (‘Red Packet Complete’) // wx.ShowModal ({// Title: ‘Red Packet Complete’, // Content: ‘Red Packet Complete’, //})}})
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