Layui-Table Gets an example of the upper / next line of the current line

This method mainly obtains the last row of Layui current row data, or the next line of data, the old JQuery selector SE selector NSE new jQuery selector

  / ** * * @Param Obj Layui-Table Row Data Object * @Param Number To find the row of rows, the current row, with the current behavior quasi-line, down, + * @Param fileDname to find Find * @returns {string} Find Filed value * / function getrowData (Obj, number, filedname) {var se =; var OS = se.substring (se.indexof ('") + 1, Se.lastIndexOf ('")); var nse = se.replace (OS, PARSEINT (OS) + Number); Var Res =" "; $ (NSE +" Td: not (.LAYUI-TABLE-Col-Special) ) ")"). Each ("") .attr ("Data-Field") == fileDName) {RES = $ (this) .children (": first"). html ()}} (}  

An example of the upper / next row data of the current row is a small content of Xiaobian sharing to everyone, hope I can give you a reference, I also hope that everyone will support Tumi Clouds.
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