Three kinds of prompts commonly used by WeChat applets

1. Indicates that the operation is successful, and the text will display an icon that represents the successful operation.

微信小程序常用的3种提示弹窗实现详解 WX.ShowToast ({Title: ‘Successful operation!’, // Title icon: ‘Success’, / / Icon Type, Default Success Duration: 1500 / / Tip Duration, Default 1500ms})

2. Depending on the load, it is displayed as an icon in the load.
WX.ShowToast ({Title: ‘load …’, icon: ‘load “, DURATION: 1500})

3. Do not display icons, generally used as a prompt.


WX.ShowToast ({Title: ‘This feature is not online!’, Icon: ‘none’, DURATION: 1500})
 The above three populations are used using a wx.ShowToAST interface. After the call, it will stop according to the set Duration.   Furthermore, the population that represents the population in the load can also use the wx.showloading interface, but the pop-up does not disappear automatically when calling the interface, but to manually call the wx.hideloading interface to disappear. 
/ / Start loading data wx.showloading ({Title: ‘load “,}) // data load … // Data loading … // Data loading completion, hidden pop-up window wx.hideloading ()

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