Vue-based FullPage.js single page scroll plugin

Based on Vue-based FullPage.js How to use, for your reference, the specific content is as follows

can realize a single page scroll effect of the mobile end Support lateral scrolling and longitudinal scroll

There is currently no large-scale compatibility testing. If you have bug, please ask questions

NPM Install Vue-Fullpage –save

Import VuefullPage from ‘Vue-FullPage’Vue.use (Vuefullpage)

  VAR VuefullPage = Require ('Vue-Fullpage') Vue.use (Vuefullpage)  

API document
  Quick up hand  

CSS and JS files

Import VueFullPage from ‘Vue-FullPage’Vue. Use (vuefullpage)

  Template section: Add V-COVER in the Page-Container container to prevent flashing on the Page-WP container, the command value is the configuration of FullPage  


  VUE -FullPage 

JS part: provides Vue- FullPage Custom Directive

Export Default {Data () {Return {OPTS: {Start: 0, Dir: 'V', Loop: False, Duration : 500, Stoppagescroll: True, BeforeChange: Function (Prev, Next) {}, afterchange: function (prev, next) {}}}}}

CSS section: Page-container requires fixed width and height, and FullPage uses the width and height of the parent element.
The following settings can make the scroll page full screen

.page-container {Position: Absolute; Left: 0; Top: 0; Width: 100%; Height: 100%;}

Use Chrome’s mobile emulator or mobile browser to access

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