JQuery implementation of communication between FRAME

This example tells the jQuery method to implement the interoperability between Frame. Share to everyone for reference, specifically:

// Method for sharing Function Veriaddddata (var Name, VArDesc) {var name = VarName; var desc = vardesc; if (name! == “&& desc! ==”) {doadd (name, desc);}}}}} // How to share if ($ .BROWSER.MSIE && + $. Browser.Version
  <8 ){//低于ie8的浏览器处理
    document.frames["url"].window["veriAddData"] = window["veriAddData"];
}else{ // url为子框架的id
    $("#url")[0].contentWindow["veriAddData"] = veriAddData;

// How to call the parent framework method Parent.veriadddata ($ “# Varname “) .val (), $ (” # VARDESC “). VAL ());

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