FCKEDITOR deployed to WebLogic’s unable to read and style unable to display solutions

This example describes the solution that FCKEDITOR is deployed to WebLogic’s XML unable to read and style cannot display problems. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows:

When deploying an application with the FcKeditor editor, what is wrong under Tomcat, but when deploying to WebLogic, you will touch the style drop-down menu. It doesn’t have a template without the template, some will meet

error loading “/fckeditor/fckstyles.xml” Do you want to see more info?

Such prompts,

The reason for this problem is that WebLogic did not load this XML file, but in the form of text (text), such a problem will not appear in Tomcat.

Several solutions have been found online, including modifying fckeditor / editor / js under the fckeditorcode_ie.js file, and solving the FcKeditor/fckstyls.xml through the virtual address / FcKeditor/fckstyles.xml, these two Method, I think too cumbersome, the effect is not very good.

Later, finally found the solution, we added the following code in web.xml file:

    TEXT / XML      is as simple, it is easy to let everyone understand, restart the server, 
Re-opening an IE, running the page to see, is something solved.

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I hope this article Design for your JavaScript programming.

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