AngularJS implementation based on quantity and unit price calculation total price example

The instance of this paper tells the total quantity and unit price calculation total cost price functions according to the quantity of the AngularJS. Share to you for your reference, specifically:

First look:


   www.jb51.NET Angular Computing total computation          
Total price: {{price * Number | currency: '¥'}}
Need to pay attention to a few points:
introduced an AngularJS script; 2.

Declaration NG-APP

3. Data from the input box with ng-model = "price" / ng-model = "number" attribute; 4.
{{Price * Number | CURRENCY: ‘¥’}} After obtaining the data from the input, the calculation in {}} is performed, and the result is displayed in TD. Where | currency: '¥' is a filter, you can format the number as a currency, not specified by default is $. PS: Here you recommend several online computing tools for your reference:
Online Investment Financial Calculator:

Online Deposit Calculator:

Scientific calculator online use _ advanced calculator online calculation:
http: //tools.jb51 .NET / JISUANQI / JSQKEXUE

Online calculator _ standard calculator:

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I hope this article will be described to everyone Angularjs Program design helps.

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