ScrollView CHild Layout ([“AlignItems”]) error

Use the ScrollView component in React Native to report the JustifyContent or AlignItems properties after the ScrollView is added.

DATA = {this.State.SellData} renderitem = {({item}) =>
Number = {item.number} Price = {item.price} Total_Amount = {item.total_amount} <FlatList
SellCallback = {
() => {<SellItem ordernum={item.orderNumber} time={item.time} memberid={item.memberId}
this.sellDba (item.orderid)

ScrollView CHild Layout ([“AlignItems”, “JustifyContent”]) Must Be Applied Through The ContentContainersTyle Prop is as follows:

(It seems that the problem after the ReactNative version upgrade) Problem is the problem that the components such as ScrollView and FlatList do not support directly adding these two properties, and the solution is to add a ContentContainerStyle property to the component, these The style is applied to an inner layer content container, all subviews are wrapped in the content container, specify the corresponding style after this property:

ScrollView CHild Layout ([“AlignItems”]) error插图

Data = {this.State.sellData}

renderitem = {({item}) =>

Number = {item.number} price = {item.price} total_amount = {Item.Total_amount}


() => { this.sellDBA (item.orderid)
} <FlatList
/>} <SellItem ordernum={item.orderNumber} time={item.time} memberid={item.memberId}

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