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now on a project, if not running performance parameters APM monitoring services or applications, is not tantamount to an ILS ILS system of the aircraft is, the result will be very sad reminder. When there was access failures and other issues, it is difficult to determine performance bottlenecks deep bug or a reservoir, when the meal feel dizzy report, such a result are going to get all kinds of people every minute tear.

There is no decent APM open source project to project node.js applications, the first time being under the jealous envy PinPoint to use java.

do not have to use open source APM provider of professional products, to solve the problem, there are many domestic professional provider, it is also good.

overseas New Relic also recommended an integration into node.js particularly convenient, complete monitoring.

created APM monitoring

To use it, first of all go home register an account, registration will be displayed after a “Get started with New Relic” page, inside choose node.js.

and then follow the steps on the page configuration step by step.

详解Node.js项目APM监控之New Relic

The main process:

1 is assigned to write down your license key.

2. Newrelic mounted library item.

  npm install newrelic --save  

3. Copy newrelic.js under node_modules / newrelic to project under the root directory, which is the same level and node_modules.

4. Newrelic.js configuration file.

  / ** * New Relic customer profile. * * The lib / config.defaults.js get moreConfiguring * / exports.config = {/ ** * Application name of the array, write the name of the project or any name like * / app_name: [ 'My Application'], / ** * your New Relic authorization key * / license_key: 'license key here', logging:. {/ ** * log level 'trace' to New Relic when diagnosing the problem is most useful * 'info' level and higher should be applied to production applications * / level: ' info '}};.  

5 in the first row startup script tagging

  require (' newrelic ');.  

6 click “listening your application”, and starts to monitor the received data application.

7. Run the project, five minutes later, APM into your console, you will see a monitor entry application name has been named, that is able to go in to see the performance monitoring of the project data sheet.


because it is the free version, only to see 24 hours of data, to extend the time and some of the advanced features that the paid version of the rhythm.

The most commonly used is the “Overview” page overview.

详解Node.js项目APM监控之New Relic

in which:

Web transactions time: Here you can see the different levels of interaction time, you can see different color underneath the icon represents the meaning, more useful is the response time.

Apdex score: application performance index is a score, best represents the blue area, yellow area worst.

Transactions: Represents the processing time of each interaction, the most time consuming, from here you can see which URL access is the longest, you can go to the Transactions page to see the interactive performance display in detail.


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