Vue uses ElementUI to use a third-party icon library iconfont example

1. Add icon to your own project in Alibaba, then click on the editing project in more projects


2. Modify the prefix for EL-ICON-XXX, XXX custom, then download the project from the local

Vue中使用ElementUI使用第三方图标库iconfont的示例 Vue中使用ElementUI使用第三方图标库iconfont的示例

3. 5 files are placed in the project file, introducing iconfont.css into the Vue project,

and then modify the iconfont.css. ICONFONT, modify it to the following figure

4. After modifying iConfont.css, it is generally shown in

Vue中使用ElementUI使用第三方图标库iconfont的示例 5. Finally, ICON can be introduced in the same way. Icon, as shown below

If the modified prefix is ​​imported into EL-ICON, it may result in an exception to the Element-UI ICON conflict .

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