JQuery Common Simple Animation Operation Method Review and Summary

The example of this paper tells the JQuery common simple animation operation method. Share to everyone for reference, specifically:

Animation Down-pull / rolled up animation . .fadein () / OUT () fade in fade out of switch Transparency changes to the specified transparency, parameters (duration, opacity) . Animate () $ (“# t”). Hide (3000, function () {Alert (“Tune Function”);}) // can also be set with JSON format Parameters $ (“# T”). Hide ({duration: 3000, completion: function () {alerT (“Tune Function”);}}) Duration – Set the time Step: Specify the function to be executed after each step of each movie Progress: This callback will be executed when every animation is called, is a progress concept

Hide animation

.SHOW ()

.TogGle ()

Switching display status

. SlideUp () / DOWN ()

Past / Opatic

.fadetoggle ()

Controls the CSS animation, parameters (Option)

.stop ()

1, Optional parameters, animation durations and ends of callback functions, duration can also be replaced with “Slow” / “FAST”. For example

2, parameters of the Option attribute in Animate are {Duration, Easing, Step, Progress, Complete}

Easing – specifies which Easing function you want to use, which slower function is used, the built-in linear linear change, Swing curve changes, if other changes The way is required to import library

Complete: Animation Completion Tonance

$ (‘# ELEM’). Animate ({// Add 100px Width on existing high and wide) : “+ = 100px”, Height: “+ = 100px”}, {duration: 5000, // Perform SpeciaLeasing: {width: ‘linear’, // Linear Transition Effect HEIGHT: ‘EaseOutbounce’}, Complete: Function () {$ (this) .AFTER (‘

The animation is complete!


  3, STOP ( : Only stop the first animation, continue  
Stop (TRUE): Stop all animations

stop (True Ture): Stop the animation, jump directly to the first The final state of a movie

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