Method for linking the start and end time using the Layui date control LayDate

1. Introduce the laydate.js file in the page

2.HTML page controls are as follows:

3.HTML page JS code as follows:

// Annual Many Selector Laydate.Render ({Elem: ‘# Begin_time ‘, Type:’ Month ‘, min:’ $ {minbegintime} -29 ‘, max:’ $ {maxbegintime} -29 ‘, done: function (value) {$ (“# deadline_time”). remove (); $ (“# myd”). Append (‘
‘); $ (“# deadline_time”). Val (value); $ .ajax ({url: ‘reportyearmonth / getmaxminendtime.json’, data: {mintime: Value}, Type: ‘POST’, DATATYPE: ‘JSON’, SUCCESS: Function (DATA) {laydate.render ({elem: ‘#deadline_time’, type: ‘month’, min: data.minndtime + “, Max: Data.maxendTime + ‘- 29’});}});}});
 The above uses the Layui date control LayDate to link and end time The method of control is to share it with everyone.The content, I hope I can give you a reference, I also hope that everyone will support TUMI clouds.                      
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